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Do I need to label my sponsored blog posts?

DISCLAIMER: The following post is not written by someone versed in the law. Only by someone with a passing interest. I encourage you to do your own research and consultant a lawyer if necessary.

Whether or not to state when a blog post has been paid for or subsidised (you've received a freebie from a brand) is a bit of a controversial issue.

On the one hand, sponsored blog posts help to keep bloggers going. They provide a little (and sometimes a lot of) recompense for the blogger's hard work and helps brands promote a product. Everyone's a winner!

Whilst I had my suspicions on where the law ...

On libel: knowledge for honest bloggers

Whilst I've been on Twitter for several years, I've only really began - to my continuing displeasure - to engage with the users on it recently.

Now whilst I generally find it a bit tedious to use, I persist regardless because it's a bit main-lining heroin from a bloke at the park through a dirty needle. What I mean is, there're risks that the substance you're getting isn't the real deal but on the whole, you're getting something at least resembles the news.

With that said, I witnessed an exchange between a blogger, small company and another blogger that went something like this.

@BigBrand As ...