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Whatever you think this election, speak up

At the end of April, the Daily Mail printed their newspaper with the words "Crush the Saboteurs" printed across the front page. The article effectively went on to say that the opposition and their voters were attempting to sabotage the current government.

Unfortunately - and I'm not prone to scaremongering - this line is so often repeated to crowds of oppressed peoples by their viscous dictators, and whilst I think we're a far cry from that, we must utilise our critical faculties to analyse and criticise the governments decisions.

The idea that we should be blindly obedient to the government b...

Tim Farron should stand up and be counted

If you're out the loop, Tim Farron last week got himself in a bit of a bind. Four or five times in an interview with Channel 4 news, he refused to state whether or not he thought being gay was a sin.

Later on The Guardian's David Shariatmadari went on to say "I don’t care what he considers sinful, so long as it doesn’t translate into policy." Unfortunately, this seems to be an opinion growing in popularity. It's a nice way to turn a blind eye.

Whilst I don't share Farron's (suspected) views, the idea that one's opinion shouldn't affect their policy as loathesome as is it unrealistic.

It's a su...