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What is domain authority and how do I improve it?

Domain authority is the metric that determines just how much power and influence your site has on the web. Working to improve your domain authority is a difficult job but it pays huge dividends when it comes to generating organic search engine traffic.

Additionally, authority is exactly that. Like I mentioned in my other post about no follow links, it affects your ability to boost other sites with links to their content.

Domain authority

So how to boost your domain authority?

Domain authority is very difficult to influence directly. You shouldn't be disheartened if you don't make any change at first. If you'r...

How to use no follow links on your blog

So nofollow links. There're lots of misconceptions about them. The first think you need to understand is that neither nofollow linkes or regular follow links are better or worse than the other. They're for two different things.

As a blogger, correct use of nofollow links is one of the most powerful tools in your box because they allow you to directly affect your site's ranking in a way that few other tools do.

A pop-culture analogy

There's an episode of Community that features a fictional app called MeowMeowBeanz. Google works a bit like that. For those who haven't seen the episode or don't re...